Why Us

We know OUR Market. We care. (And) not all plans are created equally….

As Insurance Brokers, Myriad Benefits, has a TEAM of dedicated specialists solely focused on your unique needs, we can help with comparison-shopping, honing in on the best prices for the coverage you need. We can also advise you on how to best bundle or customize your policies.
As experienced, knowledgeable, and highly dependable technology-backed brokers, Myriad Benefits is an absolutely fantastic option for most companies—Myriad offers a range of services to help save clients time and money, in turn allowing them to focus every effort on running their business
Because we work with a variety of insurance carriers, we have a very broad understanding of companies’ offerings and key benefits. Consider this: having filtered and recommended options placed in front of you and explained in detail allows you the opportunity to hear about the newest “bells and whistles,” some of which may be just what you need or were looking for, but maybe never previously considered. Policies change, and new options are added by carriers all the time. WE keep you informed.

We provide sound advice in the interest of our valued clients.

As brokers, we represent you the insured.

We search the Marketplace to find the most appropriate solutions for you or your business. We work with ALL Regional and National Carriers, ALL of them. You don’t pay us, the carriers do. You just benefit by having a team of experts on your side.

Myriad works for our clients, providing advice on the best insurance options based on our clients' requests... then we guide clients on these decisions, and provide a range of options based on the client's needs.

We are professionals who offer insurance and negotiate on your behalf…we act as intermediaries between insurers and customers.

Myriad Benefits also helps clients to outline suitable risk management strategies.


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